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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Apps for Artists

Here are some great Apps for artists who use an iPhone or iPod touch. Many of these Apps are also available for Bluetooth devices and iPad, check your mobile phone app store.
And please feel free to post your favorites to Comments.

Galleries, Collections and Art History Apps

Photos of famous paintings, info about artists.

Brooklyn Museum Mobile Collection
Allows you to browse and search the museum's collection.

Online auction catalogues.

Love Art: National Gallery, London
250 works from the collection, with audio and visual commentary.

Open Culture
Mobile access to educational audio and visual collections.

Gallery of Painters and information about the artists.

ArtNear/ArtNear Pro
Find art exhibits and screenings nearby using Location and GPS; lists and maps.
Pro version includes images, search filters, calendar and bookmark options.
Free version, plus $1.99 version, ArtNear Pro

Painting and Sketching Apps:

Sketch/paint program. This program was used to create a New Yorker cover (June 1 2009)

Type Drawing
Lets you draw with type characters, cool effects.

Painting app for iPhone and iPod touch. Allows you to add multiple layers, including photos to build or trace an image.

Painting software for iPhone

Vellum App
Simple sketching program, beautiful line quality

3D sketching
Jazz Sculptor
Create 3D sculpture on your iPhone
Free version/ $4.99 Jazz Sculptor Pro

SculptMaster 3D
Carve clay-like material with your fingers to create digital sculpture
Free version, $3.99 version

Photo and Animation Tools

3D gallery
Create a 3D gallery using your own pictures
$4.99  Lite version: Free

Flip Book
Animation software: turns doodles into animation
$4.99, free Lite version

Light Painting
Lets you use your iPhone or iPod as a light-painting tool.

MobileMe gallery
App allows you to access your MobileMe albums and movies via iPhone or iPod touch.

Movie Maker
Allows you to make stop-action movies using photos and your iPhone.

QuadCamera Multishot
Lets your iPhone shoot continuous photos and add a variety of effects.

Old Camera
Adds retro camera effects to your iPhone.

Toy Camera
Creates Holga-like effects for your iPhone camera.

Sepia Camera
Automatically create sepia images with your iPhone.

Color Tools:

Ben Color Capture
A color identifying tool for Benjamin Moore Paints. Lets you tap a photo and matching Benjamin Moore color palettes appear.

Color Expert
Pantone color matching tool. Extracts colors from photos.

Color Wheel
Helps you pick color schemes intuitively.

Just for Fun:

Art Vanitas
Wallpaper images for your iPhone.

JD Reflect
Play with an array of color and designs to create kaleidoscopic images.

Do you have any favorites? How has your iPhone helped your art? I would love to hear from you!